We provide specialist advice on elephant related issues and wild elephant management to private owners and conservation authorities.

Many game reserves owners do not realize that by South African law and in line with the current Norms and Standards, an elephant management plan needs to be in place for each reserve that host elephants and that this plan should comply with the Threatened Or Protected Species regulations (TOPS).

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Norms & Standards
Biodiversity Act

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Tourist Elephant Guide

ESAG has developed an Elephant Guide for self-drive tourists, which explains the behaviour of elephants, in particular the social life of females and males, including the phenomenon of “musth”. There are sections on ecology and the elephant brain and up to date information from the latest research. The guide ends with a detailed explanation of the various behaviours one may see, how to interpret for example warning and threat signs, and how to behave in the presence of elephants, so that the viewing is safe and enjoyable. The book will be published by STRUIK in 2016.

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